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Arvind Sanjeev

Founder of DIY hacking

A quintessential example of the power of open source 3D printers.

Its friendly DIY package makes it very easy for people to assemble and start printing in a few hours. Moreover, its design allows you to customise the printer to suit your needs. A perfect corroboration to the statement: Price meets quality.

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Parth Bhatt

Manager at CEPT FabLab

A great experience putting together the DIY 3D Printer

Its uniquely satisfying to watch the machine you assemble yourself make something you designed

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Manohar Sambandam

Founding Partner & CEO at Green Robot Machinery

A yeoman service to the maker community in India

We could jump start our project since we could source most of requirements from them. Most importantly, the founders Varun and Krishna are great individuals, resourceful and very helpful to the maker community

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Likith Suresh

Electronics Engineer at Samsung

A perfect destination for a tinkerer!

I am a regular shopper at Creatorbot. Have bought lots of stuff which have gone into my 3d printer till date. One thing u need not bother about when you order from them is the quality. Amazing precision of the mechanical parts. Exactly what one needs for a stable build.

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Supriya Devidutta

IBM BlueMix Team

Pioneers in this niche industry

CreatorBot team are known for their exemplary service, providing timely & personalized delivery of the parts. The materials that they had provided, exactly matched my required specification. In addition, their domain knowledge and technical expertise is always fine-tuned to the needs of their customer.

They helped me remove the road blocks through their capability, paving the path to success for my 3D printing project.

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Meghna Kamal

Student at MS Ramaiah College

Perfect for hacking and learning about 3D printing

For our final year project, we wanted to hack a 3D Printer and add new functionalities. CreatorBot was an excellent platform, their light weight and open source 3D Printer was perfect for hacking and learning about 3D printing. Its perfect for educators, students or for anyone who wants to jump into 3D Printing without having to deal with high costs.

3D Printer & 3D Printing News

This could be a major step in popularizing 3D printing within the country of India, a nation teaming with hungry young adults looking to innovate and create.

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CreatorBot has the potential to give big 3D printer manufacturers a run for their money

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